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How to Prepare for Training: Train the Trainer Training Course in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland

Preparation before training is important to guarantee the success of your training session.

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Train the Trainer Training Course from pdtraining in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland
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Every trainer uses a customised method of preparation for delivering training. Preparation may also vary depending on how much technology is used in training. However, there are certain common ways of preparation that help trainers to improve the quality of their training.

Determining Goals

A training session may have different goals depending upon the age, industry, training requirements, and qualifications of the trainees. When preparing for a training session, the trainer must identify all the goals that are expected to be met by the trainees or the company that they are a part of. 

Note that training goals must be customised according to the requirements of the trainees, which means that the trainer needs to identify unique goals for every training session. Customisation ensures the success of the training session, as trainees are provided knowledge and skills using methods that are best suited to them.

Breaking Down Training into Valuable Chunks

A training session can extend up to hours. For a trainer to manage a long training session, it is important to divide the training into small, valuable lessons. It helps the trainer in organising and delivering the training. With smaller lessons, a trainer can handle each session in detail, without the risk of losing track.

Breaking down a large work into smaller chunks also help in preparing the training material and studying it. It is also beneficial for the trainees, as they also find it easier to remember and recall lessons under a training session.

Managing Time

A trainer needs to manage time effectively to be able to deliver the course under the specified period of time. It is important to set time for each lesson and keep track of it at the time of the training. For new trainers, it becomes essential to monitor and alter the speed of their training to complete lessons on time.

Time management is a vital skill for trainers to have because they need to manage much more than the actual delivering of training. Effective management of time helps trainers to prepare, manage multiple tasks without stress, and deliver training on time every time.

Adopting the Right Attitude

It is not always that we can successfully complete every task. There are obstacles, stress and apprehensions that a trainer may feel before the training. Throughout the duration of the training, however, a trainer must not reveal weaknesses or negativity. To gain a positive outlook during the training, a train can use:

  • Humour to cheer himself/herself and the trainees
  • Use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and positive visualisations
  • See obstacles as challenges
  • Remember successes in life
  • Consider the effort the trainees have made to learn

If you are initially able to gain a positive attitude, you will surprised to see that it will only improve as you move on with the training. It is the initial effort that you must make to defeat the negative and adopt the positive when the day has been difficult.

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