End of Financial Year Training Budget? Pre-Purchase Now and Get Up to 12.5% in Training Credits

Do you have 2019/2020 Training Budget Remaining?

Pre-purchase training credits with New Zealand’s leading provider of professional development training today and instantly add between 5% and 12.5% bonus credit for use within 12 months.

Take advantage of this great offer and make the most out of your Training Management Centre (TMC) Portal provided by PD Training.  Contact us on 09 884 0762 or email end-of-year-pre-purchase-pd-training-credits

Or choose from over 200 other professional development courses ranging from Lean Six Sigma certification courses to Leadership Development.

All courses are tailored to the participants needs on the day and participants get an opportunity to ask questions before and after the training events.

Growth: Unlimited Public Class Memberships – Attend Unlimited Courses for a Small Monthly Subscription

Provide personal and professional growth for your employees all year round with a GROWTH: UNLIMITED Membership.

  • GROWTH: UNLIMITED Memberships are designed to help you provide your people with ongoing skills that match your ever-changing workplace needs.
  • GROWTH:UNLIMITED Memberships allow for members to attend unlimited classes from this list for 12 months.

If you have any staff who require 3+ Courses in the next 12 months, you can get a tremendous savings by purchasing GROWTH: UNLIMITED Memberships for those individuals.

REACH Ecosystem – Supporting Improved Knowledge Transfer and Personal Awareness

PD Training (PDT) strives to stay at the cutting edge of adult education, knowledge transfer, L&D and HR Tools.

We have worked with L&D and HR professionals for the past 9 years in helping our clients to define which staff member requires what type of professional development training and coaching, and as we know this can be a daunting task for many organisations.

PD Training have partnered with the REACH Ecosystem to deliver a world first complete set of automated people development resources on an intuitive OrgDev Platform that provide professional development for the complete life cycle of an employee from the moment they step into your organisation.

All of the resources in the REACH Ecosystem are high-quality standalone products, and can be used independently of each other, and in no particular order – there is no need to “roll-out REACH”.  Starting with REACH can be as simple as running a Time Management Course and letting the language and other tools come to life when they are needed.

You’ll find the resources are easy to use and access, the language in all of the products is simple, the visuals are clean, and this experience sees adoption grow organically.

Contact PD Training on 09 884 0762 or email Post navigation

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