Customer Service Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Brisbane

Customer Service Training Course in Wellington – Handling Difficult Customers

By knowing the techniques of handling difficult customers, a business can prevent and resolve customer complaints and build a good brand image.

Customer Service Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Wellington
How to handle upset customers

To build skills in serving customers, consider joining Customer Service Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Wellington and other cities in New Zealand.

Allow Venting Out

A customer when angry cannot think rationally. That is why if you try to convince a customer when s/he is angry, you will not get the results you expect. When handling angry customers, allow them to speak. Whatever they say may make sense or not, but do not challenge them. Allow them to express what they want to express. After they have done so, they will be more willing to listen to you.

Identify Common Ground

After the customer has vented out, build cooperation by identifying common ground. The customer thinks that you are the reason for his/her discomfort. You need to convince the customer that you are on the same side and that you wish to resolve the problem as much as the customer does. Showing the customer how your and the customer’s goal is the same will help you to calm the customer down.

Inform about the Resolution

When the customer is calm enough to listen to you, inform him/her how you plan to resolve the issue. If you do not know exactly how the problem will be resolved, inform them how you will seek help and provide assistance. It is best to let them know the process of resolution so that they understand your situation and limitations better.

Provide a Deadline

A customer facing a problem wants to know exactly when the problem will be resolved. Therefore, it is vital to share with the customer how long it will take to get the problem resolved. Never make false promises. It will aggravate their anger, as they will be stop trusting you after they discover that you broke your promise.

Use Particulars, Not Generalisations

Instead of using approximations such as ‘sooner’, ‘in a little while’ or ‘as soon as possible’ when providing resolution to a problem, use particulars such as ‘evening today’, ‘by four o’clock’, ‘by Tuesday’, etc. It will make the customer believe that you are committed to resolving the problem. It is important that you deliver what you promised. If you are unsure about how long it might take to resolve the issue, seek help from the department that does and inform the customer about it.

Stay Positive

It is easy to become negative when facing a difficult situation, and that is where you need to use your training. When handling a difficult customer, use positive words to alter the customer’s mood, and to keep yourself calm and supportive. Know that the customer is not speaking to you in a professional capacity while you are. Therefore, instead of reacting to a customer, respond to them as the representative of the company.

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