Six Sigma Glossary: Basic Six Sigma Metrics – Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training in Christchurch

Understanding the Six Sigma technical terms and acronyms is essential for conducting Six Sigma projects.

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Glossary of Lean Six Sigma terms and functions:

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LSS graphs and charts help understanding

DPU - Defects Per Unit

DPO - Defects Per Opportunity

DPMO - Defects Per Million Opportunities

PPM - Parts Per Million

RTY - Rolled Throughput Yield

FTY - First Time Yield

FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

MLR – Multiple Linear Regression Analysis

SIPOC - Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers

DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control

SPC – Statistical Process Control

UCL – Upper Control Limit

LCL – Lower Control Limit

SD – Standard Deviation

Six Sigma Defect – Anything that does not contribute to customer satisfaction or is not needed by the customer.

Six Sigma Opportunity – The total quantity of chances for a defect.

Critical to Quality (CTQ)

The CTQ tree is used under DMAIC to know and confirm the needs and demands of the customer. Processes are then improved to satisfy customer demand and expectations. It begins with identifying the needs of customers and branches into a more detailed analysis, if required.

The Process Map

Process map, as its name suggests, is a map designed for process improvement. It includes the steps that need to be taken to achieve improvement in a process. A process map is created during the Define phase of DMAIC to establish a guideline (SIPOC) on how to proceed with process improvement.


A histogram is used in the Analyse phase of DMAIC to analyse how the process is functioning. The Six Sigma team uses graphs, charts and information documented in a histogram to quickly understand the capability and operation of a process.

Project Charter

To improve a process, the definition or statement of a Six Sigma project is created. It includes the roles and responsibilities of the various team members of a Lean Six Sigma project, outline of the project, and the main stakeholders. It allows every team member to understand the most important goals of a project, and how they are to be carried out.

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