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At the Visa Training Helpline we often find agents need clarification on the following points when calculating their Training benchmarks A and B while applying to become sponsors of a Visa 457 applicant.

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Benchmark Training Helpline from pdtraining
Benchmark Training Helpline – for Visa 457 and 186 ENS

As a result, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions as a quick reference guide.

Q. If I have more than one business, do all businesses need to meet the benchmark?

A.   Only the sponsoring business (ABN/ACN) is required to meet the benchmark.

Q. Are the Visa 457 benchmark calculations based on wages/payroll?

A.   Payroll expenditure includes any wages, remuneration, salary, commission, bonuses, allowances, superannuation contributions (mandatory or otherwise) or eligible termination payments that are defined as wages in the Act, relating to payroll tax in the relevant State or Territory.

Q. What period of wages do I require for the payroll total calculation?

A.   Payroll total is the amount of money an employer pays in wages in the 12 months prior to application lodgement.

Q. Which staff are included for salary calculation?

A.   All employee salaries are included in the salary calculations.

Q. I am a new business, and don’t have wages – what can I do?

A.   Applicants who have been trading in New Zealand for less than 12 months can submit a business plan demonstrating the expected salaries and staffing for a complete 12 month period, along with an auditable training plan to meet either of the training benchmarks.

Q. How do I receive a training plan for a Visa 457?

A. Call the Visa Training Helpline 1300 121 400 and ask for Don or visit

Training plans provided by pdtraining and the Visa Training Helpline are completely FREE and can be provided within the hour of request.

Like to know more?

Contact the Visa Training Helpline today 1300 121 400 to answer any further questions regarding VISA 457 Benchmarks or when calculating Training benchmarks A and B.

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