Office 365 Excel Essentials Training Course – Auckland, Wellington

Microsoft Office 365 Excel offers you facilities such as editing and creating of Excel workbooks and worksheets using your browser, simultaneously editing spreadsheets with your colleagues and securely storing them online, and making them available on tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops.

To gain vital skills in Office 365 Excel, consider participating in Microsoft Office 365 Excel Essentials Training Course offered by pdtraining in Auckland, Wellington and other cities.

Microsoft Office 365 Excel Essentials Training Course in Auckland, Wellington from pd training
Develop Important Skills in MS Office 365 Excel

Office 365 Excel Essentials training course provides learning in how to share and upload spreadsheets, open and close spreadsheets and print them.

Participants also learn to edit the spreadsheet in the browser, open the spreadsheet in Excel, edit the spreadsheet in the browser, format fonts and much more.

After participating in this training course, participants will have developed skills including:

  • Opening and closing spreadsheets
  • Understanding the Office 365 web interface, including the home page, the team site, and the shared documents list
  • Understanding the Excel 365 browser interface
  • Uploading a spreadsheet to the Shared Documents library
  • Differentiating between worksheets, workbooks, rows, columns, and cells
  • Downloading and reloading workbooks
  • Using the Find Command
  • Understanding saving and collaborating
  • Creating a new file
  • Entering labels and values
  • Editing data
  • Using the Wrap Command
  • Using cut, copy, and paste

The course provides easy understanding and skill development in MS Office 365 Excel to help participants to effortlessly use the application to fulfill tasks.

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Pdtraining delivers 1000’s of professional development courses each year in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and other cities, so you can be assured your training will be delivered by a qualified and experienced trainer.

All public Microsoft Office 365 Excel Essentials Training courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 0800 003150 to learn more.


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